About Us

After two years of innovation, we’re proud to be working full time on Aha Design, using technology to fight youth unemployment.

Business for Good

The Positive Ideas Company was created by Iman Fadaei in 2011 to create social businesses with a positive impact on society.  Since then, we have worked on several startups including Ethical Art, Positive Ideas Web Design and most recently Aha Design.  We’re delighted to announce that we’re now moving our full focus across to Aha Design as of January 2015 to create innovative business solutions to youth unemployment.  Take a look at what we’re up to and feel free to get in touch and join us on this journey.

Our successes

  1. Ethical Art sponsored several Maasai students & artists
  2. Positive Web Design created discounted charity websites
  3. Aha Design has become an award winning social business